Why The Slaughterhouse Is Inhumane For Animals

The name “slaughterhouse” sound so barbaric, and why is that. Who came up with that name? It’s so traumatizing that I refuse to look it up. I remember in high school I accidentally looked it up and I cried. It’s very disturbing. I still remember what it looked like. It’s 100 percent barbaric. I remember when videos speculated that the workers were doing unthinkable things to those animals. Everyone knew what was happening with those chickens that KFC had. I saw videos where the people would spray paint the chickens in the slaughter house. To think people would actually do that is disturbing and sick. I cried so much looking at that and then I reset my entire computer. That is when I started to care about animals even more (in my pre-teen years). I have always loved animals and I hate how they are treated.

The way they kill these animals is just so sick. It’s even worse because I think about what an animal thinks before they die. It’s actually heartbreaking if you think about it. Seriously, I am tearing up thinking about it. They have brains and a heart, they have family, they have souls, and they are aware of what is happening. Even though I know people have to eat, I still have no respect for people who slaughter animals. I know it’s a job but my heart won’t allow me to even come close to understanding. As I got older I have realized that more things need to be talked about. No one talks about the slaughter house. I think it’s because we don’t wanna know what’s happening. I 100 percent think that if anyone walks into a slaughter house, they will stop eating meat. If they aren’t a butcher themselves, it’s different. It’s always different once you see how you food is really prepared. Animals should not be in there.


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