Why Some Animals Should Not Be Eaten

I love animals, so when I hear that certain animals can be food or is food, I start to get triggered. Unfortunately there are people who eat beavers, squirrels, bats, monkeys, weird sea creatures, blow fish, dogs, guinea pigs and much more. You will normally see exotic animals in wet food markets. With all my heart, I hate them. I hate these markets that sale these animals. No one should be eating moneys and dogs. Way back in the day, dogs were struggle food when there were nothing else. This isn’t a normal thing today but it does happen and it is illegal. Certain animals should not be eaten because it’s not good for you. There are a lot of animals that are fatal to our systems.

We do know that in certain parts of the world, people do eat bats and other flying creatures. It’s weird and you can get sick. In Asia, they eat lots of these things. One thing they eat is blow fish. Blow fish is extremely poisonous which is why a professional chef has to cook it. If anything is too difficult to cook, maybe it doesn’t need to be cooked, especially if it’s poisonous. I believe that all lives matter, meaning animal lives matter as well. I know that animals such as deer populate a lot so they have the get hunted but I still disagree. I know it’s a normal thing but it has always seem barbaric to me that humans hunt these creatures for food. I don’t like hunters because they enjoy it. People who take pictures with animals after hunting them make me sick. Animals don’t deserve any of this. They don’t have voices which is why I wanna fight for them.


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