Trying Gardein Plant Based Chicken Nuggets For The First Time

The gardein brand is a delicous plant based brand but it is also expensive. If you know me, I don’t like to pay so much for certain products. Their chicken nuggets are very expensive. The price was $7.99 for one pack. They looked more like popcorn chicken rather than nuggets. One thing I can say is that there is a good amount of the product. Even though I hate the price, you get a nice amount, which is good because there are other products that aren’t worth the price. I was happy to try this product because I wanted something different. So, what does this taste like?

Compared to other plant based chicken, this is a delicous product. The chicken taste really authentic. It has a god texture and it’s not mushy. If you pop them in the air fryer, they are perfect. They get crunchy and they are still juicy. I say they are worth it because of the amount you get and the taste. I still can’t buy it all the time (lol). I definitely recommend this if you wanna try something new. I guest it’s more expensive because it says “ultimate”.


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