Are You Thinking About Cutting Out Meat?

When a person starts to cut out meat, there is always a reason. You have health benefits, animal activist, or maybe you just don’t wanna eat meat anymore. I cut out meat for health reasons but as I continue my meatless journey, I wanna be more of an animal activist as well. There are some animals I think that should never be consumed, which I will talk about in another post. One thing I know is that people make cutting out meat harder than it really is. I always say that the easiest meat to cut out is pork. Pork is the unhealthiest of all meats. Bacon is not the healthiest food, which is why I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with it. Even when I was eating meat, I never ate much bacon.

I say start out slow. It’s easier once you cut off meat one by one. The last thing can be chicken. There are many meat substitutes that taste delicious. You have beyond burger which is the top plant based burger right now (that and impossible meat). Meat eaters who don’t like plant based meat just love real meat too much. Maybe it’s the grease or just the taste. They have it stored in their heads that they can’t eat anything new. It’s not hard to cut out meat. There are always healthier options than the current ones. If you are thinking about it, I say try it out. It’s a whole new world once you stop eating meat. It only gets better once you start this journey.


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