Is Beyond Meat Worth The Hype

Beyond meat is a plant based brand that is good for people who don’t eat meat or anyone else who likes it. The only thing I hate is the prices of certain products. You have $5-$6 for 2 raw patties. You have $8 for 4 sausage links and so much more. I can never buy much when I do shop for their products because I refuse to spend much. I have always hated how expensive plant based products are. Beyond meat is good but it’s not the best product. It taste like regular meat but it also have a certain taste that all of it’s products taste like. My sister said she hated the taste. The worse product is their beyond ground beef. It is so tough. Seriously, I added it to my chili and the meat was stuck t my teeth. It ruined my chili and I couldn’t eat it. I put so much in it (lol). The patties have a good texture and it feels like a real burger.


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