Drinking On Campus: Smart or Not?

Young adults are always happy to turn 21 years old. 21 is the legal age to drink alcohol but lets be real, everyone drinks before the legal age. Maybe not all but a lot of teens do. Drinking in college may sound like fun but it’s not smart. It’s not smart because it’s not allowed. You can be kicked out of college and fined. Why would you wanna waste your education over something stupid? I never understood the obsessiveness of wanting to drink. I remember having my first drink and it wasn’t the best. I have never been a fan of alcohol and I have always wondered how people turn to be alcoholics. The closest to drunk I ever got was drinking a large ass drink from a famous restaurant and feeling horrible the next morning. I even got sick that night. There is nothing wrong with drinking when it’s done the right way. Meaning not getting blackout drunk, not drunk driving and other things like that. The safest thing to do is to just drink off campus. Have all the fun you want, just be careful and be with people who can protect you. Never go out drinking alone. If you do, don’t drink too much because so many dangerous things can happen in one night.

I know people who drink on campus and I am still confused. It’s not like anyone is gonna snitch but why risk it. It doesn’t mean your lame if you don’t drink, it just means that you don’t wanna risk it. Drinking can be fun if your with friends or partner but otherwise, it’s pointless. That’s just my perspective. Alcohol taste disgusting, smells gross, makes you smell, and has major side effects (me talking like I have never drank before). If you drink on campus, you should stop or be more careful. You never know when they will search rooms or bring the dogs in and that is because people smoke on campus. I don’t even need another post for that one. People can get arrested for that and they don’t care until they are in front of their parents. Seriously, if you smoke on campus, you just might be the top idiot. You would rather go to jail, get kicked out, and fined for all that. Sometimes people just make me laugh.


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