Trying Red Bean Cake For The First Time

I was heading back to school when I saw an Asian store nearby. I went in and got a couple of things which I will show in other post. I bought some red bean cake because I watch a lot of Korean variety shows and saw them eat them. They made the cakes look so delicious, so I had to get some. I got a small pack of 4 for $3. They are really dense and heavy. I always see Asians eating them in the markets, so they are hot off the stove. They look like they be steaming (lol). I didn’t know if I was suppose to heat it up or not, so I tried it both ways.


I never tasted red bean before so I was surprised by the taste. The bean is sweet. If you don’t heat them up, it’s still good, it just like a very dense cake. I recommend heating them up for 20 seconds because it gets softer and hot. It was very delicous once I bit into it. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I swear I knew the taste from somewhere. The picture below is the name and what they look like.


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