What I The Best Type of Vegan Mayonnaise And Why Is It So Expensive

My favorite type of vegan mayonnaise is “veganaise”. It took me a while to come to terms to buy this product. The reason was because of the price. I never understood why vegan mayonnaise was the most expensive. This product is $7.99+ and that is still a problem for me. The bottles aren’t big but they do last for a while. I like veganaise because of the texture and taste. It taste really light and spreads on thick. It kind of taste like butter (lol). I am gonna attempt to make my own one day because I am not buying anymore of this (lol). If you know me, I complain a lot about the prices of vegan food because it isn’t fair.

There are many different kinds of vegan mayo but they are all expensive. I believe the cheapest one is $6 and the highest I have seen was $11. I believe that most of these companies are doing this on purpose because many more people are eating these products. The cheapest price for regular unhealthy mayo is $1.94 and for a good brand it’s around $3. That is not fair and it’s all a conspiracy. I said it before and I will say it again. You have the companies who are actually making vegan products and then you have the unhealthy companies trying to copy to make more buck. I hate it all and one day I am gonna open up my own store with reasonable prices that everyone can afford. That is my new goal.


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