It Has Already Started: Woman Died From Beating By The Taliban For Refusing To Cook For Them Due To Sickness

There is too much going on right now. The Taliban have been getting so much attention and I bet they love it. Today they killed a grandmother who couldn’t cook for them because she was too ill. They beat her to death and threw a grenade in her home. Thank god her daughter and grandchildren survived. This is ridiculous! Why would they hurt innoncent people? Their leader stated that they were gonna do things different but I beg to differ. They kill for no reason and have so much blood on their hands. They walk around with these scary looking weapons like this a war game. These are their people! Shame on them.

This is not a normal situation, it’s a scary one. They are currently trending worldwide. Everyone is worried, and China is trying to make peace with them. Why? These are people you don’t want to friend. They are killers! No one should make contact with them. What is this world coming to? We are all human but no one is acting human.


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