I Said It Was The Right Ting To Do But It’s So Heartbreaking To Watch Everything Unfold: Afghans Fighting To Leave

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched the video of many Afghans chasing to get on the U.S aircraft and falling from the airport to leave. I was in utter shock and silence because I never thought it would get this bad. The Taliban is a scary group. Their leader is even scarier. I talked about it before, we all know who he is. He is a true killer and now he is a leader. When President Biden took office and said that he was pulling the troops after 20 long years, I was all for it. I’m still for it because people have been dying there for a useless war. I just never knew that all of this would happen because of it. Today a body was found in that aircraft and they are investigating it. I don’t know what happen but desperation kicked in and something happened. It’s not fair that these innocent people have to go through this. So far 7 people have died.

Source: Body of dead Afghan found in landing gear of military jet leaving Kabul airport – POLITICO

I have been all over this news and they are legit scared. The Taliban raided the entire country while killing Afghans who worked on the U.S army base. Beheading so called traitors who were just making a living. These are not soldiers, they are killers. They are ruining lives by domination. They won’t let anyone leave. I don’t think the soldiers should have stayed because the country doesn’t like America but there are innocent civilians who didn’t ask for any of this. These cruel men rob, rape, and murder for the fun of it. People were talking about how they are gonna make everyone take out their life savings and make them hand it over. Families are afraid of their daughters. That country is truly a man’s world and that country needs help from someone. They need a real big army of their own. People who can take those people out but I don’t even think it’s possible. They have grown since then and many people make up this terroristic group.

The funny thing is that I know they are happy they are all over the news. That was most likely the plan. They took pictures in the president’s palace after taking it over. They want everyone to fear them so they can take land, kill, and expand. I feel like one day, very soon, there will be a war of some kind happening. Something bigger is coming up. This is a big problem now that they are back in control over that country. Seriously, they don’t even have normal weapons. The drive around with missiles and machine guns like any regular civilian is gonna fight back. What is that? Also, to have a leader like they do is the scariest part. That’s not a leader, that’s a monster.

The picture below is very sickening. They sit like they are all tall, in reality all those men are evil and murderers


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