Climate Code Red: Fearing For Our Planet

Today, I was looking at the news and was stunned to see the words “code red”. I would have never thought it would have come to this. A world where there is nothing but grief and disaster. It’s quite scary to think what else might happen in the upcoming years. If it’s bad now, I feel like the world is gonna look like something off mad max in the year 2030. I am actually afraid that no one will continue to care as much as they do now and everything will only get worse. Maybe we will all be surprised and the government might actually do something about this problem. Maybe the president will.

There comes a time when we all have to get serious about our planet. I am constantly reading about climate problems and the disasters that are currently happening but I never read about progress unless it’s the climate fighting websites themselves. President Biden signed off on some pretty good things such as the Alaska forest but there are also more problems. No one is telling him to do it all in one day but at least acknowledge global warming. Warn people that these are not normal temperatures and that these are not normal disasters. The only thing that is constantly talked about is politics.

People get so scared when they hear these things but this is nothing new. They constantly warn us but no one is afraid, until it happens near them. I hope these events aren’t taken lightly and is a wakeup call to everyone. We are in a code red for our humanity. Our lives are at stake and only we can fix it. Unfortunately, there are some things that scientist say are too far gone to fix (what a scary line).

Source: Scientists issue a climate code red | News | The Guardian

Source: Climate change: IPCC report is ‘code red for humanity’ – BBC News


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