It Didn’t Even Start Here And It’s The Worst Here, Why? Ignorance, Nonbelievers, And Dumb People

I might also make this a podcast because it needs to be heard. Why is America the worse at getting rid of something? We can’t do anything right, and the funny this is, it’s not everybody’s fault. There are those people who act like they need to fight everything to prove a point. They would rather die than take the vaccine. Go die then because you are holding people back. Harsh but needed to be said. I have had it up to here with hearing about covid cases, people who don’t believe, people who don’t wanna wear masks, and people who don’t wanna get vaccinated. These people are making me sick because they are the ones who are all up in the hospitals taking up space. Hospitals around the states are filled with covid patients and they are having to cancel surgeries. Now that’s a problem for me. I know people are sick with covid but…people have other problems. One man needed surgery for stage 3 life threatening surgery but couldn’t. That is insane and scary! At this point they need to be building more hospitals. You also have people getting sick in nursing homes because of unvaccinated staff workers. Come on people!

Parents don’t want their kids to go to school with a mask on and I still don’t understand that. It’s for safety, and if you want your child exposed then you homeschool them. One woman sent her child who she knew was positive with covid to school and 80 children were exposed. I have nothing else to say about these dumb parents. This is all about safety, what is the problem. What is so hard about wearing a mask? It started in China and it’s not this bad in that country. Americans are so full of it. No one can deny this. Just because we are free (sarcasm) people always wanna do something like this. These people got balls because I would be afraid of catching anything. I barely like looking at people nowadays, why would I wanna stand by any of them. I don’t wanna say it’s funny that people say they want the vaccine after not believing it and catching it but i’m almost there. We don’t even know if this vaccine work, but if there is a chance that I am better protected with it, then I will take it. I don’t care what they are giving me at this point. Have you guys not learned by now, they won’t tell us everything about this, so why fight it. All I hear is “better protected”. I still believe this a conspiracy but I know it’s here. My conspiracy is about how it got out.

People are being sent home because of the amount of covid patients and this is not fair. They need more hospitals. Separate covid patients front the regular patients. If we continue the way we are, our life expectancy will keep dropping and people will continue to die at an alarming rate. Get vaccinated, put a mask on indoors and outdoors, wash your hands, buy cleaning products, and be aware because it’s bad again. You people let your guards down for way too long and now we are here again. No one should have to die!

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