Animal Rights And Injustice Against Wolves: No Better Than Poachers

Who gives humans the rights to make these decisions? Yes, humans are the most powerful creatures but it’s only because of weapons. All we do is murder for trophy and population. In Wisconsin, their mayor, government, or whatever authorized hunters that they can kill 300 wolves. Their reason is to limit the population. There are 1,000 gray wolves in Wisconsin and they want around 350 left. 350!!!!!!!!!! Some dumb ass hunters want to kill off 500. I hate hunters, I hate everything about them. They are careless and only want trophies. I have always hated them with my full heart. Now I hate that state. Animals should not have to go through this for the pleasure of it. You have people who hunt for the pleasure of killing something. They all take pictures with the dead animal while smiling like that’s cute. I hate it, I hate them, and I am angry.

I believe it was in the 40’s or 50’s when humans killed off over 50 million buffalo. That was a legit massacre for the pleasure. Biologist tried to tell Wisconsin to lower the number to 130 but they don’t care. I don’t think they should kill any of them. It’s not fair because there isn’t many of them. I don’t even like the killing of deer. It’s sad because they are getting chased and stalked. Leave that to nature for other animals to eat. I didn’t even know people hunt wolves. What do you want them for? No one should be wearing real fur anymore, and if you do, goodbye. I learned that people hunt them with their dogs for trophies. These wolves were protected for 45 years until the Trump administration stopped it. I fucking hate the administration. They made too many dumb acts with no results. They don’t ever need to be in power ever again. They are all useless.

This year, Wisconsin pissed more people off when hunters killed 216 wolves in 60 hours or less. Are you kidding me? They should be charged for overkill. They did that because they liked it. They did it because they are careless about animal rights. They just wanna shoot something, skin it, and keep the bones like they are trophies. They are no better than poachers. Disgusting! Animals have rights, and should be kept protected. President Biden needs to do something about this, but he probably wont because there are more important things, right …no! Politics aren’t important right now. I can care less about any of those people. They need to fight for animal rights and climate change. Covid isn’t going anywhere any time soon and the reason is because people won’t let it. Seriously, don’t make me choose between saving animals or humans, you won’t like the answer.

Source: Wisconsin says hunters can kill 300 wolves this fall against biologists’ advice | Wisconsin | The Guardian


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