What Does Oat Milk Taste Like?

There are so many types of milk in the grocery store. I can’t drink regular milk because I am allergic, so I drink other type of milks. The milk I can drink is oat milk, soy milk, and silk milk. I am allergic to nuts so I can’t drink almond or cashew milk. I like to drink oat milk the most. The taste of oat milk is interesting. It really taste like oats. Think of the smell of dry oats, that’s it. It’s also thicker than regular milk. I tried to drink the milk with cereal and it was so thick (lol). I like it but it was still weird. If it wasn’t so thick, it would be perfect. It also depends on the brand because I have had some light, not thick milk. For example, planet oat milk is very thick. Califia oat milk is my favorite.


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