Non-Chicken Spaghetti: Making Something From Nothing

I was craving chicken spaghetti because my mom cooks it a lot. I don’t eat meat so I cooked it without meat. You can easily add vegan chicken in this but I didn’t have any. I didn’t think I had any of the ingredients but I searched and found one can of the cream of mushroom and one can of the cream of celery. I also added one in a half cans of rotel and some kale. I seasoned it with garlic salt, pepper, and lemon pepper. It was so delicous. I also added some daiya vegan cheese. This is something you can make in college by cooking in the kitchen of your residence hall and at home. I can’t wait to make this when I get to my dorm. You can use any kind of pasta but I used regular spaghetti pasta.


Spaghetti Pasta

One Can of Cream of Mushroom

One Can of Cream of Celery

1/2 Cans of Rotel

Frozen Kale

Garlic Salt

Lemon Pepper


Daiya Cheese (Optional)


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