They Are Everywhere: Child Predators Ring That Included 17 People In Florida

I wonder what goes through the heads of these weird sick ass people. You have grown men and women trying to sleep with children. Eww!! Get these people out of here. In this ridiculous case, three Disney employees and a nurse was apart of the 17 people. They are all facing 49 felonies and misdemeanors for their crimes. In the pictures of the people, I just about saw various races. I saw a black woman, white men, and some Hispanics. They even said that two Disney employees tried to sleep with a young child by role playing as a family. WTF! Get these people out of here. That is so sick. The third employee left his 7 month pregnant girlfriend to have sex with a child. What is wrong with people. Do they have no shame? They are very much predators and it’s crazy because they were in the public and you would have never known anything. Thankfully you have groups who track these people to catch them. It’s a dark day today.

Source: Disney employees, nurse among 17 arrested in Central Florida child predator sting – KIRO 7 News Seattle


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