A Single Digit: Barbaric, Disgusting, Hateful, Sinister, Inhumane Act of Violence

It has been a while since I have blogged about some news but I think I am gonna have to bring it back and leave it for it’s own section. Here we have yet another case against a minor in India. I’m talking 9 years old. An unnamed 9 year old girl in India was ganged raped by 4 men and was then set on fire to death. I honestly don’t know what to say. A priest was one of the 4 guys! A fucking priest! She was raped in the crematorium while out to get drinking water where they approached her. After gang raping her, the priest then cremated her and told the mother that she died by electrocution from stepping in water. The men later confessed. This is all sick beyond belief! Over the past years, I have heard cases involving young girls in India and it’s still going on. How can grown men do this to a young girls? Their president needs to do something about this. I say that but then I think “what can they really do”. There are just some sick fuckers out there who don’t need to be here. Hell is where they belong!

Link: Dalit girl allegedly raped, killed and forcibly cremated in India | Sexual Assault News | Al Jazeera

My heart hurts so much right now because she was so young. All over the world, young girls and women everywhere are getting assaulted by men. I don’t know what the problem is but there is a problem. A woman in India who started a women rights group said that the saddest part is that, this is not rare. It happens all the time, and that’s the problem. These men need to realize that these young girls are not toys. Women aren’t toys either. They don’t have the right to touch these girls. These men are an abomination to society and should be thrown away like garbage. It’s not my country but these assaults happen everywhere. Everyone is protesting and want them all to get the death penalty and I agree. The fact that one of them was a priest is beyond my thoughts. A wannabe child of god who most definitely deserves the death penalty. He was just like the rest of them, disgusting.

A single digit of a human. The poor soul didn’t get to experience her teen years. Her life was taken from her and it’s so heartbreaking. The mother saw her daughter’s body before that priest illegally cremated her. Her mother didn’t want that, but he did it anyways to destroy evidence. A helpless mother watching all of that, and an hour earlier she was talking to her daughter. I can’t even imagine the pain that mother was feeling. It was honestly so hard to even read this article. I was tearing up because it’s so sad. It’s so scary because they say that India is the scariest place for a woman to be and you know what, I agree. I have read some haunting cases in that country. Shame, that’s all I got to say. May she rest in peace, and they burn forever.


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