Month: August 2021

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*Movie Review* S5 EP 1: Halloween 4 The Return of Michael Myers

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S4 E20: Handmaid Tales/ Women & More

In this episode, I talk about the current news. From the Taliban to Hurricane Ida

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S4 EP19: Is America Really Great/ Covid/ Attacks & More

In this episode I talk about America. I breakdown some states and the reason why I want to leave the U.S. I also talk about recent events such as covid, ISIS, and much more.

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Trying Red Bean Cake For The First Time

I was heading back to school when I saw an Asian store nearby. I went in and got a couple of things which I will show in other post. I bought some red bean cake because I watch a lot of Korean variety shows and saw them eat them. They made the cakes look so […]

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*Explicit* S4 Ep 18 The Rape Problem And Culture: Why Do Men Rape? Why Is Rape Taken Lightly? Why Is Our Legal System So Forked Up?

This is a deep one today. I am talking about the rape problem in the world, mainly in India but also around the world. I had no choice but to use harsh language in this episode because I was getting pissed off. The legal system is corrupt and humans have gone off to another dimension […]

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Why Everyone Should Want To Travel And The Real Reason They Can’t

I believe that everyone should want to travel at least one time in their lifetime. It’s crazy that many people can’t because everything is too expensive. This is how the government control us. Everyone can’t move like they did back in the day. Back then you could just leave, but not today. They got borders […]

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What I The Best Type of Vegan Mayonnaise And Why Is It So Expensive

My favorite type of vegan mayonnaise is “veganaise”. It took me a while to come to terms to buy this product. The reason was because of the price. I never understood why vegan mayonnaise was the most expensive. This product is $7.99+ and that is still a problem for me. The bottles aren’t big but […]

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The Best Place To Shop For Vegan Products, But There Is A Catch

There are many places to buy vegan food and other vegan products but the best one is “Whole Foods”. I am pretty sure everyone knows this but there are some people who don’t. Whole foods have the most variety of products and this is the best place to shop. There is only one problem, it’s […]

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Thinking About Podcasting

Have you ever thought about podcasting? I started podcasting about 2 1/2 months ago and I have loved every moment of it. When I was blogging, I would get fed up at certain topics and couldn’t express my ager but podcasting allows me to do that now. Letting my readers hear the pain, anger, laughs, […]

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Wanting To Learn To Sail So That I Can Travel

Lately I have been into boats. Specifically sail boats because they are so cool and beautiful. I have seen many tours of different boats and they are all so beautiful. I have also been interested after watching one my favorite YouTube channels. It’s a channel that a couple run to show their interesting life. They […]

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