The Hardest Vegan Product For Me To Eat Is…

Vegan cheese is the hardest product for me to eat. I know there are many types of vegan cheeses but the ones I have had were slimy texture. It’s just weird and I always have a hard time buying them. I would rather not buy them and save my money (lol). I don’t have a problem with it in vegan mac and cheese but when it’s by itself, I refuse to eat it. The specific brand I had is called “daiya”. I tried to put some of this shredded cheese on my pizza and it became slimy. I honestly couldn’t eat it. It had the weirdest feeling in my mouth. I ended up throwing my pizza away because I put so much of the cheese on it and it just ruined the whole thing.

I am pretty sure it will take me a while to like it. I don’t know what type of vegan cheese blaze pizza use but I like their cheese. I haven’t trued the daiya mac and cheese yet but I am willing to try. When I dislike something, I will eventually try it again just to make sure. Has anyone else tried this cheese yet?


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