Why They Don’t Want You To Eat Healthy: You Spend More To Be Healthy And Less To Be Unhealthy

Who are “they”? When I say they, I am referring to the government and all of these food companies. The job of food companies is to make as much money as possible by producing delicous food. The food is good but there is so much that goes on behind closed doors. I have seen many videos, unfortunately they were a lot of inhumane treatment to animals, but also how they produce the foods. A lot of chicken have antibodies that have different things injected into them to make them bigger. They do this with a lot of the foods that are popular. I don’t know why they do it but it brings in a lot of money. I saw videos in those warehouses and they traumatized me.

When I think of healthy eating, the first thing that comes to mind is the prices. Why do I have to spend so much money to be healthy but spend less to be unhealthy? People who cut out meat have it worse. We have to buy substitutes and it’s bad because they are expensive. It might not seem like it but once you add it up, it’s a lot. For example, whole foods is a nice place but the products are very expensive. The worse place to shop for vegan and plant based products is Kroger. I thought Kroger was okay but after my last shopping trip, I was wrong. They have some things but nothing is ever on sale.

The reason they don’t want us to be healthy is because it’s easier to be unhealthy. People would easily pay more for unhealthy food. Fried chicken and fried deserts that are butt cheap but has a lot of the product. The more sales they have for the unhealthy food, the more people will buy them. It’s crazy that they do that, but it has been going on forever. They make people obese and the government profits off of it (the world we live in). If you want to be healthy and stay in your price range, make your own food. That is what I am about to do. I am not buying no vegan mayonnaise for $8 dollars. I can make my own and make lots of it. These companies are rip offs and I wish more people can see it. The best places to shop are the farmers markets.


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