Food Rip Off! *Evidence*: They Don’t Want You To Eat Healthy, It’s A Conspiracy

I have just about had it with these got damn prices for these got damn foods. It’s official, they don’t want us to eat healthy. The price of regular food is overly expensive and compared to plant based foods, they don’t compare. I went grocery shopping today and I was angry the whole time. I wasn’t trying to by many items but if you would have saw my receipt, you would think differently. I took pictures of some prices in Kroger and the prices were ridiculous. It might not mean anything to some people but it does to me.

Almost $8 dollars and higher for vegan mayonnaise! Then a dollar higher for soy. This is a big problem because we shouldn’t have to spend so much to eat healthy. The worst foods are cheap which allows people to buy more of it. That’s what they want. They want us to die from a heart attack and get heart burn because it brings in more money. Just for hospitals to charge you a lot and say that they can’t do anything. Everything is a scam and I am sick of it. Morning star should be ashamed of themselves. I don’t eat their brand anymore because it’s too expensive. I would rather make my own vegan burgers in that case.

Almost $11 for some meatless bites. The bag was not big at all plus there weren’t many in there. Who would pay for that. I don’t want it that bad, trust me. Why do we have to spend a lot to eat good and clean? I try to buy things on sale but they barely take anything off. It’s a rip off.


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