The Reason Why You Are Not Getting Full

When I first began this journey, I was eating but not over eating. It took me a while to fully understand that I wasn’t eating enough. I would make something to eat but still be hungry afterwards. This would make me snack on different things which isn’t good at 3am in the morning. At the very beginning, I stopped eating meat, seafood, all dairy, and really sweet things. I was fully vegan and I had to watch what I ate because I am still allergic to certain foods. I learned that I wasn’t cooking enough food for myself. When you are cooking vegetables, you have to make two to three times as much. This is because your body is missing certain things. Another problem was that I wasn’t eating much and not taking any vitamins. My body was a mess inside. I didn’t know what was going on, so I starting making more food and taking vitamins. I wasn’t taking any B12 vitamins at the time which is not good for your body.

My mom broke it down to me one day. I was eating and kept saying that I wasn’t full. She told me that I have to remember that I am not eating all the right food groups. I had to remember to eat bean and proteins. That is when I stumbled up on the meat substitutes. I actually started to make meals and get full. I was doing this while in school because I cooked all of my food myself. I started to meal prep because it would be easier to just cook the food and microwave it later. Like I said before, it took me a while to figure this out. I researched it on the internet after and found out that was the reason.


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