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I had Stomach Pains As I Changed My Diet In The Beginning: The Problem And How To Fix It

This is a normal thing to have happen. Our bodies adjust to the way we eat and once we change that, things will start to happen. If someone use to eat meat but then completely stopped, you can get stomach pains from not having that protein anymore. All you have to do is eat other forms of proteins. This is a common reason people say going vegan is dangerous. It’s not dangerous if you do it right. Eating enough and eating healthy can’t be dangerous. Not have a clogged stomach filled with oil isn’t bad (no offense). When I started my new food habits, I had horrible stomach aches and pain. It was so weird but that was before I knew anything about going vegan. I thought it was just about eating vegetables. After doing my research, I learned that it’s much more than that.

From experience, I think it’s better to transition than to just completely change your diet. I just stopped eating everything I used to eat one day and went to a new diet. I don’t recommend doing that, especially if your trying to go vegan. It’s safer that way and you can ease into it. If you are new to it all and are having unknown stomach pains, don’t worry, it’s just your body adjusting to the new process. Once you find a balance and start to eat, your body will adjust and the pains will go away.

Credit to: Lefteris Kallergis

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