Do I Ever Miss Meat Or The Smell Of Meat?

The short answer is no. Yesterday my sister was cooking BBQ pork something and I smelled it and it smelled good. Only because I have always loved the smell of BBQ. I can make the same thing out of my food. It would be a lot tougher but I can do it (lol). This is a question I use to think about when I first stopped eating meat. It was tough, I can’t even lie. It took me a while to actually stick to meat substitutes. It has almost been two years and I am proud of myself. I follow a Facebook page called “vegan soul food” and it’s for vegans all over the world who have creative ideas. They show different ways to cook things and the food be looking so delicious. I wanna try everything they make but I am on campus and barely have the time. I told myself that I will try some of the recipes this semester.

Missing your old food is a common thing for people who quit eating certain things. It’s only a natural habit to miss something. The difference this time is that there are different ways of making them. Using plant based ingredients to cook your food, just to have it taste better than before. I have had a lot of meat substitutes and I am satisfied. I wanna try the vegan pull pork which I believe is a fruit, but you wouldn’t know.

Credit: LikeMeat


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