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Plant-Based Foods Are Too Expensive And It Is Not Fair

I have talked about this many times and I will continue to talk about it until the problem is fixed. Why do healthy organic food cost more than regular food? This goes to show that they don’t want you to eat better. I talked about how they made my favorite plant-based corn dogs too expensive and regular corndogs cheaper. Seriously, the vegan corndogs are almost $6 for four of them and regular corndogs are $3 for sixteen of them. It’s a health conspiracy because they know people will want to buy more of them.

The number one place to buy plant based foods is whole foods. If you shop at whole foods, then you know how expensive it is. I know you have to pay for top quality food but it shouldn’t be that way. For example, vegan and plant based foods are the most expensive at stores like Walmart. I usually shop at Kroger but I still can’t buy many things without any deals. I’m a broke college student who has to buy her own food because I can’t eat on campus. I don’t have the money to support my lifestyle for long (lol). That is why I am learning how to meal prep properly.

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