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Just How Tough Is It To Stop Eating Meat

I think people who eat meat make it seem like not eating meat is the worse thing in the world. I knew it wasn’t gonna be the worst thing but I was worried. That was before I found out that there are many substitutes. The easiest meat to stop eating is pork. This is usually a process because people act like they can’t give up bacon. I have eaten bacon in so long. Bacon and sausage was was the first thing I stopped eating because I knew I wasn’t gonna crave it. If you think that’s hard, then take it even slower by not buying it.

The good thing is that more people are trying different meat alternatives but there are even more people who are against it. Those are the real meat eaters. The true carnivores. I am here to tell you that it’s not hard to stop eating meat. Not only is it healthier to stop eating meat, but there are many other ways to get that protein. This is a common problem for meat eaters. They believe they can’t get the protein from anything else. One of the best plant-based brands is beyond meat. This is perfect for those who wanna try it but feel like they are gonna miss meat. It’s delicous and it’s crazy that plants can taste so good.

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