Reviewing The Gardein Plant-Based Chick’n & rice

I was so excited to try this soup because I love the gardein brand. I was surprised when I saw that they have soups now. I chose the chicken with rice because that was my favorite back when I was eating meat. The picture on the can looked legit and delicious so I had high expectations. I was curious about the plant based chicken but not too much because gardein has good plant based chicken. I opened the can and poured it in the pot to heat up. The first thing I noticed is how thick the broth is. I like it because it wasn’t watery. It was more like a thin creamy broth. I was very impressed that nothing was falling apart.

The Taste Review

The broth was the first thing I tasted. It was delicious and not salty. The broth had a healthy taste to it that was very delicate. There were chunks of plant-based chicken in the soup and the chicken was so good. It didn’t fall apart at all. They used soy in this product so you have your protein. There was wild rice with carrots and celery also in there. I loved the vegetables in the soup because the thick broth really soaked everything in. This soup was only 190 calories with 13g of protein.

This meal is perfect for vegans and all non-meat, non-dairy eaters. No eggs, or dairy which is why I was happy. I am really trying to cut our dairy. I have a problem with cutting out dairy but I will fix it. This meal was delicous and filling. It is a soup but there is also rice and vegetables in it for a filler. The price was at $4 and it was worth it.


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