Why People Tend To Stick To Certain Traumatic Events

When a person has a traumatic event in their life, unfortunately there is an attachment. Depending on what happened, it’s something you most likely won’t forget. There are some people who have an emotional attachment to the situation because of what happen. I don’t judge people who have these because you don’t know what happened. For example, when people develop Stockholm syndrome, something happened that only they know of. We can’t understand it but people still judge them for it and it’s always the people who know absolutely nothing about it. We as human beings have to understand that it’s not easy to experience these things that aren’t supposed to happen.

Victims are stuck to trauma because of how long it lasted, what exactly happened, and the outcome of the incident. If someone wasn’t charged or did not take responsibility, it can have you going down a path that you don’t want to. There are many people who dream about these things and it’s because they were so traumatized that they can’t think of anything else. This is why you have to talk to someone or write it down. If that makes you uncomfortable then you could record yourself telling it all and then deleting it right after. People tend to feel better after speaking out loud. It’s always unfortunate when something traumatic happens to someone but the only thing we can do is to try to move on in a more positive direction.


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