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Hiking Essentials That Are Necessary

The outdoors are so beautiful. I love going hiking with friends because it feels so relaxing. I went one time with my family but my mom gave up at the 3 mile mark and went back to the car. It was a big rocky mountain but we just laughed it off plus it was worth it once we reached the top. I have learned a few things that will help people who have never been hiking before. I almost passed out from the heat before, thirst and hunger. That was all on my first trip (lol).

The first thing I can say is to bring enough water because if it’s hot, you will get dehydrated faster. On my first hiking trip, I drunk all my water in the car and thought I was gonna be okay. I had to drink my friends water. Another tip is to bring a healthy snack. Don’t take unhealthy food because it won’t help. I would say bring some food with water, like apples and cucumbers. Food is important and if you get hungry you will become agitated, so don’t go hiking hungry.

Another problem is foot wear. People who start hiking don’t normally wear the right foot wear. My sisters went with converses and their feet were hurting. This is why you have to wear comfortable shoes, otherwise your in for some feet pain. When you wear comfy shoes, you have to have comfy clothes. Go hiking in some shorts, joggers, or leggings. They should be stretchy so that you can be comfortable. Hiking is all about exercise and relaxing. These are some of my tips because I finally know what to do.

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