Guns And Roses But I’m Not Talking About The Band

There is nothing better than waking up to a loud ass bullet that sounds like lightning. I wanna say that living in the south is so bad but people shoot everywhere. I was researching yesterday evening and out of nowhere someone shot a gun. It was so close to my building. I was sitting in front of the window and I am on the 3rd floor. It sounded like it was right in front of my building . I looked outside and saw nothing. My stomach still hurts because it was so loud. The gun violence is so bad in Atlanta that I’m surprised I am making it. I don’t know anyone out here so I stick to myself and I don’t let people come up to me (lol). It also helps not to go out on the weekend because those are the worse times. It shouldn’t even be like that. I should be able to enjoy my weekend without violence.

When your in a dangerous city with young people who can’t control themselves, it starts to become tiresome. This is the reason people don’t need guns. A police officer as shot in the face downtown and others were wounded. Out here in Atlanta, it’s the black community who is messing up everything. The young black men are the ones shooting everyone, robbing everyone, and assaulting people. No wonder black people get stereotyped. We kill each other but then turn around and complain about violence. I am so sick of hearing gun shots and excuses.

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