Eating Some Of The Best Food In The South

Other than southern food, the south offers various styles of food. From seafood to Korean to Thai to Mexican to Indian and many more styles. One of the best things about America is that people from all over the world move here and introduce their culture to us. After trying real Korean food, I wanna visit South Korea and eat some street food (safely). I have been eating some of the best food in Atlanta and I plan to eat more. I definitely gained some food weight and I’m not mad. I’ll just exercise.

One of my favorite places is “cultivate”. It’s the perfect place to have breakfast and brunch. It is a café style place, so I like to go there to blog and plan things. After ordering shrimp and grits with a croissant and orange juice, I am reading to work. If the food in the south is this good, I am excited to try the food up north. I’m surprised there are so many vegan, and vegetarian places out here. I have so many option but I also cook my own food. I have definitely become a foodie while I have been out here and I’m not mad at it.

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