Countries I Could Live And Retire In: Beautiful, Towns, And People

I always talk about how bad America is but I plan on leaving this country one day. I wanna live in Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Amsterdam, or England. I just think theses places are so beautiful. The scenery of these places are beyond beautiful and I wanna eat tasty food. I don’t see myself staying in America because it’s so corrupt. Just about every country is corrupt but some places are better. I wanna meet new people and learn new languages. This is the reason I am happy to be going in the field of anthropologist. I will get to travel around the world and experience everything. I think every other country is better than America because everything looks different. People from other countries probably think the same things about their own country. I really just hate how expensive everything in America is. They over tax us plus they want everyone to be in loans and I don’t want to be. It’s such a con scheme that you will be in for the rest of your life.

Canada is definitely a must because of the better health care and air quality. I would live in Switzerland because of the snow scenery and small towns. Amsterdam is a must because the buildings and architectures are so insane. It’s different than anything I have ever seen. Norway seems like a beautiful peaceful place to live in while it’s cold. I need something like that right now. Lastly, England is a place I wanna visit but I would also live there because there is so much to do. I also wanna try a real high tea.

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