Month: July 2021


Cool Finds: Antique Wooden Sail Boat

I just visited an antique store near me to see what they had and I was blown away. I love antique things and this store was the best one I have been to. I didn’t have time to explore the whole thing because my mom was worried about her ice melting but I saw a […]

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Homemade Delicious Vegan Tofu Wontons

The Filling / Seasonings Extra Firm Tofu Frozen Peas & Carrots Shredded Cabbage Chopped Onions Kale Olive Oil Soy Sauce Salt Pepper Garlic & Herbs Chili Powder I used vegan wontons and deep fried them. They were very delicous and juicy. Once you gather your ingredients you will need to pan fry everything until everything […]

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S4 EP2: Comfort Zones & Being Comfortable In your Body

In this episode, I talk about knowing your comfort zones and being comfortable in your body. It’s important in college because you are surrounded by new people.

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S4 EP 1: Uber Killer/ Prison & More

In this episode, I take about the fake uber driver who killed and why things happen the way they do. This is a scary world and you have to protect yourself to survive in it.

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Girl Talk- Saving Lives, Guys, Looks, Howling Cats & More

This episode is one for the laughs. In this episode, me and my sister talk about things we are afraid of and things we would do. Enjoy the episode.

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S3 EP20: What Are You Afraid Of

In this episode, I talk about fears. We all have them, so what is yours?

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The Hardest Vegan Product For Me To Eat Is…

Vegan cheese is the hardest product for me to eat. I know there are many types of vegan cheeses but the ones I have had were slimy texture. It’s just weird and I always have a hard time buying them. I would rather not buy them and save my money (lol). I don’t have a […]

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Why They Don’t Want You To Eat Healthy: You Spend More To Be Healthy And Less To Be Unhealthy

Who are “they”? When I say they, I am referring to the government and all of these food companies. The job of food companies is to make as much money as possible by producing delicous food. The food is good but there is so much that goes on behind closed doors. I have seen many […]

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s3 Ep19: Heat Wave Of Hell

It’s officially hot! We are almost at 110 degrees. I am about to pass out but I have a duty to my readers. We had a power outage yesterday for almost 8 hours. We left and it was still hot. This heat is deadly, so stay indoors with some air.

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Trying A New Plant Based Sausage

I have to say, this sausage was delicious. This was a new brand for me and I was not disappointed. The sausage stayed together while I was pan frying it, so that was very good. This is a wheat and soy product with other healthy ingredients. It taste like a healthy, no oil sausage. It’s […]

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