Wanting To Change The World

In today’s society, there are many causes worth fighting for. For example, I donate to the wilderness society. This is a cause that fight climate change and other wild life. Climate change is one of the top problems in the world. Earth is increasing in destruction and humans are only making the problem worse. All we do is constantly build things in the wrong areas which result in many issues. I wish I could change the world but until then, I support projects who do. I look up to those people because they work so hard and give you all the information that the news don’t.

I believe everyone in the world should wanna fix the world’s problems. Why would a person wanna settle like this? Currently in California, they are fighting yet again another wild fire. How can a place be so hot? These fires tell us that the weather is too hot. People might think we can’t change that but we can. The blame is on the industrial buildings. It looks like something from the poor side of the show “oblongs”. The grass is leaving and the dirt is showing. We can only blame ourselves (not me).

It’s crazy because we all know the problems but no one wants to fix them. We shouldn’t have to beg the president or other officials to do anything. They should want to fix these things. Sometimes I think, where would we be if no one cared about the climate. With how these are going today, it feels like no one cares. It feels like everyone is just complaining and trying to get by. It sounds so boring to just get by. Living and not trying to change or look for something sounds like a waiting death game. I want more people to care about our planet because there has been many other humans who lived here before us and they didn’t kill it. It has been getting worse in this generation (shakes head). People try to deny it but it’s the truth. Do people not understand that this our home?

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