The Secret Genocide of Native Americans: Brought on by the Catholic Church

You know, sometimes I wonder how things happened in life. When you hear how things were so bad back then, it sounds so unreal until you learn the truth. I talk about climate nowadays but back then, they had major hate problems. I talked about the civil rights issues but I’m not talking about that today. I am talking about people I never talk about. Native Americans who has a big role in how America was made. A while ago, Canada found 251 unmarked graves at an Indian residential school. Recently they found over 751 more graves. Ever since this came out, more evidence has come out. Everyone wants the Pope to apologize but he hasn’t yet. These were children who died and were left to suffer. The deaths were caused by abuse, including deprivation of food, physical violence and sexual abuse.

Source: The children’s graves at residential schools in Canada evoke the massacres of Indigenous Australians | William Pengarte Tilmouth | The Guardian

Native Americans world wide have been mourning. There were even survivors of this horror school who told their stories. This is nothing else but the white people trying to cover up things back then. This is another reason I don’t trust churches. These children were brought there to get their beliefs taken from them. The same thing is happening in China. They are stripping Muslims from their beliefs and forcing them to be Christian. As I research more , I am getting even more angry because these were so called “priest”. They beat and raped children. Forcing them not to speak in their Native tongue. Many survivors killed themselves in their 20’s which is so young and heartbreaking. They killed themselves because of the things they went through as a child.

I could care less about catholic churches, priest, the pope or anything else. History once again speaks for itself and every catholic church needs to apologize. This is a representation of every catholic church in my eyes. These priest say they are talking about God but then you hear the things they did. They don’t deserve my sympathy, nor did they ever did. This is just another example of white people controlling the minorities. They keep everything secret from the public and I don’t know why. These are their people, not mine. Their white ancestors did this, not mine.

The craziest thing is that after all this history we learn, you see that white people have done all of it. Every race has something against white people. Their selfishness back then, their hate, and their ignorance is what separates them from the rest. Every minority groups suffers from their history. It’s just crazy to me that these countries constantly hide the truth. I would be ashamed to be white back then and I am not ashamed for saying that.

Source: My relatives went to a Catholic school for Native children. It was a place of horrors | Nick Estes | The Guardian

How can people do this to children? The youngest was at the age of 3. A single digit is the saddest and I just wanna know why. Why did they do this? Who gave them the right to end these beautiful people lives. These catholic churches were even given money for these schools, so the government was to blame as well. There has been huge memorials for the children and survivors of that school. Families are mourning because those people are there blood. It’s the same thing when I hear the history of black people. They were murdered and thrown into slavery by the white people. I learn and mourn because those are my people. I wasn’t there but they will be remembered. The people back then were messed up in the head and they should have studied their own brains. This is just another thing to throw in the history books and unfortunately there was no good outcome.

I want the pope to talk about this. He constantly travel talking about God but he won’t speak on this. Shame on him and I hope he feel bad. I don’t care if he was or wasn’t the pope then. He’s old, so I’m guessing he was. This isn’t even about faith, it’s about human decency. It’s about acknowledging the wrong doings of these people. The pope is the head of the catholic church, so if he doesn’t apologize I will just take it as if he is ok with it. I’m not even surprised that he hasn’t apologized considering the last issue. The archbishop of Munich was accused of sexual assault of young children which he even said he did but the pope rejected his resignation. I swear this all has to be a joke. I can’t with these people anymore. They sound more like suspects to me.

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