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Why Do We Respect The Dead More Than The Living?

The human brain is interesting when it comes to the dead and the living. We care for the dead in many ways. We have to safely prepare the bodies, clothe them so they look good in their casket, perform a ceremony, mourn with flowers, and visit them over and over so we don’t forget them. This happens to those who are cremated as well because it’s about respect. The word respect is interesting because it doesn’t seem to be here with the living. People kill then we have to fix that person up and perform a ceremony and give our condolences. Why can’t people just respect one another before these things happen.?

Everyone talks about respect but no one seems to wanna offer it. If you look at the news, you will see so many assaults and deaths. It’s becoming so common that no one is surprised anymore. We just say “that’s normal”. It shouldn’t be like that but it is. I think there is something in the water because more people are getting hurt. What makes someone kill? What makes people wanna hurt others? We call it disrespectful when someone disturbs or even point at the graveyard but outside that graveyard is a mess. It’s just people waiting to get in because it will soon be their turn. It’s times like these that I’m happy my great grandmother isn’t here because she would be ashamed to see the world today, as is a lot of other people.

How do we expect to get to the future if we continue this way. This feels more like the past rather than the future. It feels like people are just following the trends and taking out their anger. People today need to learn to handle their emotions rather than harming others. If we can care for the dead properly, why can’t we do it with one another?

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