The Most Racist State In America

I made a post before but ended up deleting it after I opened my eyes. I said Portland Oregon was the most racist state and I was completely wrong. It’s still a place I refuse to visit but the most racist and still dangerous state is “Alabama”. I was trying my best not to say it but I’m pretty sure everyone was thinking it. When I think of Alabama, I think of the history. Alabama is the number one state known for racism. It’s a place where you don’t wanna stop when traveling through it. When I’m traveling back and forth home, I had to drive through Alabama. Make sure you have a full tank of gas before you get to this place. They will pull you over for anything.

History speaks for itself and the things that took place there is haunting. The state doesn’t have the best track record, and how they treated minority groups were disgusting. This is one of the places where white hate groups would attack and hang black people. It’s too much evil for me to even step foot in a gas station there. Not many black people live there and it’s because there are still racist people there. Those kkk groups still exist and who knows what other groups have formed. They live in the places that no talks about. Alabama is one of those places. I don’t even hear about any recent protests that happen there. It’s dangerous because of the history and that is why you should be careful. They need to cleanse that state for what they have done in the past. I still don’t understand how anyone live there.

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