Exploring The History Of My Freedom And The Struggle To Obtain It: Civil Rights Museum

I visited the civil rights museum today and learned so much. I was getting a little emotional because it was so detailed. From a real diner bar where you can sit and put earphones on to listen to what the people who attended those sit-ins heard, to the body of Martin Luther King Jr. When you enter the museum, on two walls, there are signs that says whites only and colored only. They have the black and white pictures of those people. There were so many pictures of white and black people, that it took a while to look at because I wanted to examine everyone in the photos. The pictures below are the two walls. It showed the two types of people separately but they were doing most of the same things.

The next thing I was amazed at was the segregationist wall. This wall really pissed me off because it was the big names who wanted segregation. There were quotes that they said such as… “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever – “George C. Wallace (Alabama Governor)”, “Basically, I’d do the same thing today if I had to do it all over again -Jim Clark (Sheriff in Alabama)”, “Segregation is not discrimination…it is the law of nature, it is the law of God, that every race has both the right and the duty to perpetuate itself -James Eastland (U.S Senator From Mississippi)”, “Inequality, I think breeds freedom and gives a man opportunity – Lester Maddox (Georgia Governor)”. Sometime I wish I could see the face of these people if they were here today and not in hell. The hate was bad back then and they didn’t care. If anyone nowadays believe any of this, then you are a miserable person. You don’t have to be hateful to people because we are all human. I am even more grateful because my ancestors and fellow black people had to subdue this kind of ignorance.

Throughout the entire museum, they had pictures of black people who were apart of the civil rights protest, those who were murdered, and those who gave their life to change things. Another memorable moment was the diner and the buses. The had a diner to represent the sit-ins where black people were assaulted, spit on, and called disgusting hate words. They were trained to do nothing because it makes those people useless. They made history with this and it definitely made an impact. All of those hateful white people spitting on children and dumping food on them. Next to that area, they had seats where you can sit and watch a video about the bus boycott. They also had hundreds of photos of the people in the buses. The pictures were the mugshots because they were arrested. The people who attacked and set those buses of fire didn’t get anything. How did those whites sleep at night. To wake up everyday angry and hateful must have been stressful. Those parents raised their children to be hateful and we all know where they went but it’s just a shame.

Throughout the entire place, they played Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights activist speeches. They were so powerful and loud. There were seats in front of the screens so that you can watch as if you were there. Many great names that I recognized from my tribute of black history month. One of the saddest moments was most definitely the four black young girls who died in the building that was bombed. They had glass frames of their faces with them singing because they sang in the church choir. Someone blew up that building and killed those girls but no one got charged. It’s crazy that someone actually did that. What the hell was wrong with these people. Alabama was no joke and because nearly all of this took place in Alabama, I will be changing my most racist state post to this. I don’t even wanna call these people human because they are the ones who acted like wild animals and I am ashamed that they were apart of human history. May those ignorant folks rot where they belong.

The last moment I will share is the Martin Luther King Jr. Moments. There many more things but these parts were the strongest. They showed in detail the photographs of his death and the people cleaning up his blood. They had the mugshot and information of the man who killed him. They showed his huge funeral where millions mourned his death. It must have been a dark day because I was in tears. The pictures didn’t make me cry, it was the sounds. They played sounds everywhere. They had the footage and sounds of a reverend who told everyone that Martin Luther King Jr. was shot dead. The moment he said that, with the loudest cries, the people in the video were screaming. I would have too but I don’t wanna imagine it. To think that one man had such an impact and people really wanted him dead. They had videos of the riots after his death which was most definitely necessary. You can only go peaceful for so long until they get the message. At some point you get tired of the bullshit, so you go in a different route. They showed his death certificate, many of his hand written work and more. He was from Georgia, so they had so much of his work in that museum. His funeral was at the Spellman college and everyone saw his open casket. I can’t believe such a good man was murdered. Even though he died, he made so much history and even if there is still hate, he completed his goal of freedom and unity. Unfortunately there are still some people who don’t get it but we erase those people because they don’t matter.

Towards the end, they had a whole section talking about the things that needs to change. It wasn’t all about black people. They showed the hate in every country. They had a wall with the most evil people on there such as Hitler. They also had pictures of their crimes and told what they did. It was very dark and I couldn’t believe some of the things they did. There was a wall full of evil dictators such as the North Korean leader and more. One of them was a woman who was the president in an African country (not anymore). She had many women raped before killing them. These people are crazy. They also showed pictures of items that children made in unsanitary, inhuman labor camps such as shoes, chocolate, and soccer balls. I never knew that which was crazy. They had a huge map which showed which countries were free, a little free, and not free. There are a lot of places who are not free and that’s not fair. I now have an even more open mind and wanna change things. There are many people who can’t speak, so I will blog about it. It’s my job as a decent human being.


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