The Difference Between Goals & Dreams

In life, we all have things we have to work= towards. We create goals to have something to work towards, and we have dreams to have something to work even further for. When you have dreams that seems far and not possible at that moment, you would start creating goals. You make steps until you reach that dream. Even though there is a difference, they are very much alike. You can’t have one without the other. Goals and dreams make no sense if you have no direction. If you are stuck, then just start writing out your plans. They don’t have to make sense just yet, as long as you have a start.

I have books of goals and dreams. I honestly don’t think I would be in order without them. Every time I look at them, they remind me of what I am working towards. When you look at your goals, they should represent your future. A good way to stay organized is to write down a dream and a couple of goals under it. The reason why people have issues with these two is because they don’t make sense. You have people who will make the most unrealistic goals and that only pushes you back. When you think that way, you are bound to not mess up.

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