What Is It Like To Live In The States

Many people who do not live in the United States might wonder what it’s like to live there. I wish someone would explain to me personally about the life in other countries. For those who have never traveled including myself, we miss many things but I am here to talk about the life in the states. The United States is a beautiful country. I was born in the south in Arkansas. That is the country side where you have farms, land, country accents, and much more. I was told I have a accent but I don’t believe it. My great grandmother had land, animals, and was an amazing cook. We grew up with her and she taught us how to be ladies. If you wanna live in the south, you will have more for your money. Meaning that it’s cheaper. If you travel up north, you have places like New York which is extremely expensive. The difference is that you get less for your money.

Race And Racism

Racism is everywhere but in the states, you will most definitely run into some problems. That is because humans are ignorant. They are mostly in the south because that is where it all started. The state Alabama is one to skip if your not white. Many races live there but they still have their problems. We are currently protesting black lives matter and Asian rights. This is because the racism is real here. You just have to learn to stand your ground and to not be afraid. You can’t let people intimidate you because it’s a sign of weakness. Just stay strong and stay alert.

What About The Food

The food in America is a variety. We don’t have just one type of food that represent us. I guess you can say burgers and steaks. Since there are many ethnicities here, the food is from everywhere. That’s the cool thing about living here. You can taste food from all over the world. People who integrate here, also bring their culture which they love to show others. I tasted real Korean food for the first time and it was amazing. It’s so different from Chinese food and I am now obsessed with bibimbap. There are so many places to eat, you just have to research.

Difference Of love

Love is all over the world but every country is different. America is a free country and people do what they want. No one cares about what people do with their partners. You can make out in the streets or anywhere else you want. It’s not illegal to do these things unlike many countries. You can marry anyone you like as long as your over the age of 18 and people still don’t care. Maybe your neighbors will gossip but that’s it. The men are interesting in America. There are some who like to hookup with many women, some who don’t like that and others who actually still like the way people were back then. I’m talking about stay at home wife while the husband work. That is still around and I know many countries still do that.

Fun Things & Sightings

There are many things to do in America. If you get bored, there are waterparks, hiking trails, gaming lounges, eating contests, hanging with friends and more. You can travel to sightings such as Mount Rushmore, Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, Yellow Stone National Park, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Hollywood sign and so much more. Almost every restaurant have a eating challenge which can be fun to do with friends.

If you travel to America, you will see that people do their own things. People will say hey to you even if they don’t know you. It’s called being friendly and polite. People will help you if you are loss and don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are many things to see, so just explore. Eat good food and meet nice people.


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