Learning To Love Yourself

The one thing that can help your self-esteem is to learn to love yourself. Let me first start by saying that this can take a long time for most people. It’s not the easiest thing to do when you have self esteem issues. Growing up, I had anxiety because in school, children constantly tries to be someone their not. I was cool with everyone but I had my own problems. I grew up not the skinniest person and had to deal with that in high school. I am still trying to be comfortable in my own skin but it does take time. It’s a working progress that has steps. The first step it to acknowledge the problem.

You have to first look in the mirror and tell your reflection that she’s beautiful. Everyone is beautiful and shouldn’t be discouraged by someone else. It’s such a human thing to want to be like someone else. I honesty believe that if more mothers and fathers taught their children how to love themselves, it would be different. Growing up, my mother never told us anything like this. You usually just figure it out but parents play a big part in it. I will teach my children to love and teach them to love themselves.

It’s so important for young women to understand that if you are having a hard time finding who you are, it won’t last. You have your whole life to find out who you are. You don’t have to look at older women and say that you wanna be like them. Your too young for that. Young girls just need to enjoy their childhood and make memories. Women are inspiring one another everyday and we need more women telling young girls that it’s okay to be themselves. Love yourself and everything you have to offer because your beautiful.

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