Why Are Humans So Confident In Beliefs That Can’t Be Proven

One thing I always say is that religion and various beliefs make people do things that others don’t understand. We as humans constantly believe things that aren’t there physically but instead picture them. We judge others because of these things. I just wanna know why. If we think about the real reality, there is nothing there. Nothing is seen in the sky, but we still believe. That is a feeling known as faith. Humans believe in things because it makes them feel good. In history, faith brought people together when anyone needed it. People may turn to certain beliefs because they did something bad, which is also weird because you put your whole faith into these things. No one really knows if it’s gonna come true.

As you all know, I am not a religious person. I do have my own beliefs that I go by but I don’t get deep into them. I just don’t think it’s too serious when I myself can’t prove anything. I just find it intriguing when people listen to something that isn’t there. They take everything so serious and can never separate the two worlds. I just wish people wouldn’t allow religion and faith to justify the way they see people. The world is big and there are so many people who are different, so who are we to judge.


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