Men Have Flaws, So Why Can’t Women

You know what I hate hearing…”women wear too much makeup”. I hate hearing that men like natural women. Why do women have to stoop low just because a man isn’t satisfied. Men should be lucky that they can get a woman to begin with. I don’t think men understand what makeup is for. Let me break it down, makeup is for anything we want. It’s for us to cover things up, to look prettier, and to be creative. There are some women who are more comfortable wearing makeup because men talk so down on them. This is another case of men trying to control women. When they say they want a woman who is all natural, they must mean no makeup or no weave, no surgery or anything else. You can’t put those women down either because of it.

Picture a man taking a woman to the fanciest place ever, she comes in with a nice dress and that’s it. No makeup, and natural hair. What would they do? They would say that we could’ve tried harder. Men act like they don’t have problems, and they have the most. Even in history, women have been disrespected because of the way they look and their flaws. When will the change come? I am getting fed up of men wanting to change women. It’s getting old.


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