Black Women Are Disrespected Because Black Men Disrespects Them

In today’s society of love, hookups, first times, or whatever, you have black women being disrespected. I wanted to talk about this which I will talk about on my podcast as well, because black women get stereotyped as rude and disrespectful. This can also be for all women but I will be talking about black women on this one. When you see the different ways different races treat black women, you would understand what I mean. I have also witnessed these things which is why I say I wouldn’t want to be with a black man. I have nothing against black men. If I end up with a black man, then it was meant to be. Let me first say that not everyone is bad. I love powerful black men who started from the bottom and became successful. On the flip side of that, many black men are too aggressive for me. I am a soothing black soul who wants another soothing soul. I have seen wanna be thugs, men who think they are hard, and men who only talk about women body parts. I wouldn’t want to be with someone like that. As a black woman, when women talk like this, black men would say that we are too high maintenance. It’s not high maintenance to want a guy with a future or someone who doesn’t disrespects them.

When you see black women with foreigners, it looks so beautiful. You don’t see no one getting loud or arguing (in public). The way they talk is different as well. You can see this in the music black men make (not all). Mainly rap music. They disrespect women to the max by describing their bodies and hooking up with their friends because their body is better. Why would anyone wanna be with that person unless it’s for money. I started thinking like this after listening to the rapper future. I thought this way before but his music is the worse. They call women b**** and go on to the next one. If women talked like that, they would call us hoes. That is nothing more than a man trying to put down a woman. It’s just too aggressive for me. You don’t see other races talking about their women like that. They aren’t constantly putting them down over everything they do (not regarding the religious factors). You can’t even disagree because it’s the truth.

Black women are constantly at the bottom which is why we have to do things ourselves. They say we are too demanding, they say we should wear less makeup, they say that we shouldn’t sleep around, and they call us disrespectful names. Why would any woman want that? They get you pregnant and act like they don’t care (not all). It’s such a repetitive thing that is happening. Like I said before, not all black men are bad. There is just a big number of them that piss me off. An example of all this is, a guy I know attempted to explain why women should have respect for themselves and not sleep around. He and his brothers had the audacity to try to justify how if women sleep around, it makes them hoes. If women are hoes, then men make them that way. Men sleep around too much which makes them man whores. How about that! Don’t come for black women then if they want a man who don’t sleep around, someone who has realistic goals, and someone who respects women for themselves and not their bodies. Men better start respecting us black women because we are taking over. We are beyond beautiful, strong, powerful, leaders, role models, and entrepreneurs. Anyone would be lucky to have a black woman.


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