Barbaric Killings: The Other Side Of My People (Killings In Africa By Their Own)

Researching over the past year has been beyond stressful. I am not a journalist yet I feel like one, but I’m not complaining. The news that I come across is always bad and that is because there are some crazy people in the world. Unfortunately there is never good news in Africa. I only hear about murder and assaults. This country is a place where Anthropologist found history of our ancestors yet that is not what people think about when you here the word Africa. I immediately think danger because there is so much violence. The current incident involved 132 people dying from a group of gunmen. This is definitely a massacre but the craziest part is that this isn’t their worst killing. It’s just the worst one they have seen in a few years. How can this keep happening? Why do they have a president if he/she can’t control these people? These groups constantly get away with these things and nothing is ever resolved. I honestly believe that the president is afraid of these people. At this point, I don’t blame the president because they are killing for no reason. They kidnap for ransoms but that country is in major poverty, so it makes not sense. They rape for no reason other than power and this is a big problem. There are too many attacks happening and not enough justice.

These are unfortunately my fellow black people. I honestly wouldn’t even want to be referred to as the same race because they are so dangerous. I’m not talking about everyone but those dangerous groups are really scary. They murder their own people in cold blood. They destroy families and steal the boys to make them into killers. I feel like there is no hope because no one can do anything. I just imagine these people coming out of nowhere shooting people dead. I bet that is exactly what happened. Their leader called it barbaric and called for 72 hours of mourning. That’s all they can do because they won’t do anything else. I just can’t believe they constantly murder their own for no good reason. It’s so sad because they really don’t care. They hide in the woods and kill anyone they want. I honestly don’t know what to say anymore. The only way to fix this situation is to just go in full force and kill them. It sounds so crazy but those people do not talk, they just kill. It’s too late to negotiate anything. I believe these horror groups have more people than their own military which is why the military have to accept volunteer gunmen. People are literally risking their lives to get rid of these groups.

Source: Gunmen Kill At Least 100 In Burkina Faso’s Deadliest Attack In Years : NPR

Source: Burkina Faso attack: More than 130 killed in village raid – BBC News


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