Tulsa Massacre: Sadness, Grief, And Reparations

Growing up, I never heard of the Tulsa massacre. This goes to show that they try to hide things from you in school. Dark times in history keep coming up and it’s not making the whites look any better. I wanna say no offense but I can’t. Their ancestors murdered my ancestors in cold blood. In 1921, May 31, 24 hours of death is what I call it. This was the exact day that turned a neighborhood into dust. My great grandmother was born in 1921 but she lived in Arkansas. Growing up she worked in a kitchen for white people. It’s crazy that the exact same year, this massacre happened.

It has been exactly 100 years since this occurred and the wounds for the families are still there. Blacks who were successful in a neighborhood know as the “black wall street“, were shot in cold blood by the white people for no reason. I couldn’t imagine what that must have felt like witnessing the horror. Over 300 women, men, and children were killed during this massacre. They are preparing reparations for the survivors and families of those who died who are over 100 years old but I don’t think they care about that. Money can cure what they witnessed. People are trying to call it racial healing but I disagree. Racial healing doesn’t exist because it’s still here. The people who died were apart of a time that people try to forget but it’s just not possible because we won’t let it. There are some things that must be talked about and explained so that people know the truth. States always lie so that they can hide the truth. These beautiful people didn’t deserve to die the way they did and now it’s time to take a stand.

I don’t understand why there are debates about the reparations. I said that they probably don’t care but I would still give it to them. I was just saying that money can’t cure everything. As I learn more about the tragedy of black people back then, I feel more emotional because our country don’t like to acknowledge these things. This is something I would want my child to learn about so that they know that everything wasn’t perfect. They keep saying white supremacists but all white people were racists back then. The mobs who burned down and kill those people were just ignorant hateful white people. The survivors must be shaken to have to go through the memories again. Telling by the ages, they were children then and some even said that they heard and saw people getting shot. It sounds like a horror movie. I wasn’t here during any of this, slavery, and any other tragedy but history speaks for itself and that is why I am here to learn about it. This tragedy will never be forgotten.

Source: Tulsa race massacre, a century later: wounds still open and weeping | Tulsa race massacre | The Guardian


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