China’s New Birth Policy

I have heard about their birth policy years ago and I was shocked because their law was that each family can only have two kids. I was asking “what happens if you have more, what happens if you have a child secretly”. I guess it was because the population is so big, they want less children. It’s weird to me because humans are supposed to populate. Before the two child policy, they had the one child policy. That was way back then, but some news came out today that they are allowing families to have three children. I still think it’s weird that a government can tell you how many children you can have. People in America can 21 and up which is insane but no one is telling them to stop.

I read some of the things single women and couples were saying about the policy in China and I was shocked. I thought people would be happy but no. After reading, I understand why they feel the way they do. The number one reason was because many families can’t afford it. I believe everyone in the world with children deserve more. People have to pay for food, clothes, education and much more. The next reason was that no one wants to leave their jobs. I was confused but they also explained that it’s harder to go back to jobs because of work leave. The stress hits and they could replace you. I researched the stress level in China before and it’s major. People commit suicide because of the stress level. It’s like they have to stay at a certain level just to succeed. It’s weird and sad at the same time. People are just over worked and now they want people to have more kids.

There are also many successful women who are happy because they can now have a big family. They can afford it so I see why they are happy. Their birth rate is declining so they are trying to make people have more children but you can’t throw this on people if you aren’t gonna help them financially.

Source: ‘Too much of a burden’: Chinese couples react to three-child policy | China | The Guardian


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