Day: June 1, 2021

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Mini Listing Episode#2 “My Fear Of Online Dating”

Online dating is one of those things that people just do. Many people like myself have a fear and it’s ok. You don’t what people are capable of. In this mini episode, I talk about my fear of online dating. You can listen to my podcasts on any podcast platform. Just search “Unlistid”

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Mini Listings (Short Podcasts Episodes) Episode #1 “Is It Wrong To Want To Be Single”

I am adding mini episodes on my podcast which are below. I will be talking about funny, juicy, and a lot of drama in these so enjoy and please feel free to leave your own opinions. I am having a hard time adding the episode to this post but you can look it up from […]

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Episode 6 (Podcast): Analyzing The Tulsa Massacre

This was a tough one because I was getting so angry. I don’t try to talk down white people but history speaks for itself. In this episode, I talked about the Tulsa Massacre and other racist acts in history including today’s society. Our black people were murdered in cold blood in an hateful act 100 […]

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Tulsa Massacre: Sadness, Grief, And Reparations

Growing up, I never heard of the Tulsa massacre. This goes to show that they try to hide things from you in school. Dark times in history keep coming up and it’s not making the whites look any better. I wanna say no offense but I can’t. Their ancestors murdered my ancestors in cold blood. […]

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China’s New Birth Policy

I have heard about their birth policy years ago and I was shocked because their law was that each family can only have two kids. I was asking “what happens if you have more, what happens if you have a child secretly”. I guess it was because the population is so big, they want less […]

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