The Most Unexplainable Saturday Night

Has anyone ever had a night where you can’t explain what happened? You were there but at the same time you weren’t there. This is how I feel right now because the plans went left and everything felt weird because of an unknow situation that I can’t explain. I am gonna break down what happened and what was suppose to happen today. Atlanta usually has the weirdest weather but for some reason the weather was perfect with dark clouds. There was also a “super flower blood moon” which I saw yesterday. The moon was huge and red which is why I think something was off. Studies shows that moons can’t affect a person’s behavior, but I beg to differ. There was a change in everything starting from the people to all the surroundings. So let me break down this unexplainable day to night.


My sister and I had reservations at a place called “Westin” for a while so I was excited to go. This restaurant has a formal dress code and a minimum amount of money you can spend which is around $80. I believe you have to spend $75 just to get your parking validated. We were going shopping to buy an outfit this morning but we waited later because I wanted to rest for a while. After a nap, my sister was thinking because the menu is so small and I can’t eat much. We both decided to find another nice restaurant where we can just chill, eat and talk. We had the perfect place reserved but the time was wrong and they were fully booked, so we are going there for brunch tomorrow. Instead, we decided on a nice Spanish place which was out of the city. We had to go to the mall to buy some clothes and my sister chose to go to Lenox mall which is not the safest (lol). She had me nervous because this mall is know for shootings. We went at around 3pm and the cops were already there (lol). I was like “geeze”, it’s so early. We parked on level one and right in front of the door was a k9 police car. Let me just tell you that there were cops everywhere. We were just going to the clothing store “express”. In and out was the goal. We entered, went up the escalators and to the left was the store. We were so happy because we had cute outfits and we left after that. By the way, people do not move when you are trying to get by. Everyone was moving with no bags, so why were they there.


We had reservations for the restaurant at 8:30pm. We took 3 hours to get ready and we where so happy. I had my legs and arms out on a perfect day. A full face of makeup and lashes put this outfit together. Once we get on the road, we were driving past the highway and our light was green and this car came out of nowhere and almost hit us! His car and our car literally was about an 0.5 inch from hitting. My sister stomped on her breaks and the man just raised his hand and drove off. My sister was pissed and checked her car and everything went south from there. People need to learn how to drive because my stomach was turning. It felt so weird because that guy looked like he didn’t care. These stupid idiots need to learn to drive. We were talking about it for the rest of the day. We made it to the restaurant and the vibe was not there. It was a nice place but it was beyond loud, a lot of boring people that were too close to us and just an unpleasant atmosphere overall. The food was delicous but we only ate two appetizers and just left. We had roasted Brussel sprouts and fried calamari that was so good but we were ready to go to another place. We started laughing in the car because we wasted an outfit on this and everything closes at Many restaurants closes around 9 or 10pm, so many places weren’t accepting reservations. We were so upset and we both think this was a sign of something. We just didn’t know what it was. We came back home and just threw on shirts and shorts (lol). The new plan was to got to a Thai place that you don’t need a reservation for. We were so angry but still laughing about what was happening. We ate but was still not happy because everything was closing so we had a whole day that went wrong.


After this hell of day, we chose to just drive through the city which was full of laughs, memes, and us being dumb. Everything was just going wrong for some reason. We were gonna go to this golfing place where you can play games and drink but it was fully booked, we were gonna go to the movies but we know we wouldn’t be happy, and people were getting on our nerves (lol). We stopped at a red light and started laughing because we were talking about how people always wanna shoot up places like we didn’t have a bad day (lol). This was a hilarious conversation. We were just driving laughing and trying to put everything together. We just ended the day and now I am blogging it. I don’t know what this was but I swear it was that moon. I am just ready to sleep.


Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a college student and I am curious about everything. When I get curious, I need to talk about it. Life is amazing and weird at the same time. This is why we must stay positive so that we can enjoy life before it ends.

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