People Would Rather Destroy Parts Of The Earth And Just Move Away From It Rather Than Fixing it

I believe we all can agree that this is true. Many people could care less about the planet which is why they ruin it. I am referring to the citizens and these big companies who produce all these dangerous gases. Dangerous gases that can make a person sick or better yet kill a couple of people. There are a lot of dead towns that are so bad that they are unlivable. That’s because bad things happened and rather than fixing it, they would rather leave it like that. It’s crazy what goes through the heads of people. People litter all day, walk pass litter, and then would complain that there is too much litter. The irony is ridiculous. Why would I just purposely throw something on the ground for no good reason. That’s so unsanitary.

I talked to someone recently who shocked me because she was so serious about her plan. I was talking about oil spillage and this woman was all for it. She said she would drill, make the money, and then leave because she wouldn’t want to live near it. Um, that was the dumbest thing I have ever heard. It’s dumb but that’s what those people do. They create a problem and then leave. People like that don’t care about the planet. The don’t care about the animals either, they just care about money. Oil is a big thing in the world but it’s also a major cause for global warming which is why people are turning to energy cars. People who support oil drilling and all these other things that are keeping our climate in the danger zone is why the planet is the way it is. We as the humans on this planet have an obligation to make sure it stays alive but if this continues, we won’t have a home.


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